Busy Busy!

Busy Busy!

It’s almost that time!  In three weeks I will be moved into my van and heading for the warmer and milder southwest for the winter.

At first I felt a lot of anxiety about this but once I set the date things became much easier.  I have a few more days for getting the house in order and then my focus will be on preparing the van and the stuff I need to use while camping in it.  That list includes:

  • Cleaning, installing the new wick and making sure the kerosene tent heater is functioning properly
  • Building and assembling as much as possible the ammo can wood stove(the rest will have to wait until next month)
  • Cutting Reflectix to cover the windows
  • Making and installing curtains

I also have two critters to think about.  Over the last month I’ve switched them over from raw feeding to a more convenient for traveling canned food.  I’ve also made sure to have proper clothes for the wiener dog so she doesn’t get cold.  Luckily the cat will sleep next to me and even get under the covers when she gets too cold so I didn’t have to do anything special with her in that regard.  My dog will sleep in her crate with plenty of towels for her to burrow in.  I still need to make a couple of crate cushions for her to lay on top of.  I also need to make a box to contain the cat box that I’ll put a towel over the opening to keep the dust in.  I got one of those receiver hitch cargo carriers to store the container of cat litter on to save space inside and I am going to make a partial “wall” along the passenger side to store their canned food.

I have set aside a lot of stuff I want to take with me but I also know it’s too much.  I’m going to start packing the van a few days before I leave starting with the most important things then add lesser important until I’m close to running out of room or everything is in place.  I doubt I’ll get everything in but a quick trip to storage will solve that.

I just hope I have enough time to rest a little before it’s time to hit the asphalt moccasin trail.