I started this blog and accompanying discussion board to share things I’ve learned and am learning about myself that are very important to me; freedom to live a passionate and useful life economically and responsibly, taking control of my life economically and through optimum health, discovering who I am and where I came from and making these things work while being mentally impaired.

Mental illness comes with ugly and almost soul defining stigmas.  It is my hope to educate people in such a way as to become more sympathetic to those that don’t always see things they same way as they do.  When the dialogue of mainstream culture changes, so will the lives of those afflicted.  Until the time comes that mental illness can be responsibly dealt with you and I are going to have different realities and mine is no more “wrong” than yours is.

I’ve found that living life economically and responsibly isn’t the same way that most people think.  The “American Dream” is a heavily manufactured illusion created to keep us in debt as economic slave labor and the “rat race” is it’s parasitic shackles that I want no part of.  I’m not “checking out” but I am changing the rules I live by to suit who I am and the way I see things.  The first thing I’ve learned is that it’s more economical, environmentally friendly and “free” to live a mobile lifestyle which is a great thing because it allows me the freedom to find out where I’ve come from.

Genealogy is something I’ve been very interested in for decades and by stepping into a mobile lifestyle I’ll have the freedom to trace my ancestors roots back hundreds of years!  I’m very excited to be sharing the trip along my family tree with you.

Of course none of this would be possible without seeking optimum health.  I learned the hard way through a series of tragedies and traumas that trusting medical professionals isn’t always the best course of action.  Doing so almost cost me limbs and would have cost me my life had I continued.  I’ll be sharing the things I’ve learned and experimenting along the way.

Welcome aboard!